I’ll never know what Kesha is really like, so I have to judge her based on what she has shown the world. I don’t think that just because of some things Kesha has said or done, that they define her. I have judged Kesha positively as a person for being an empowering rock for her fans going through hard times, and she has inspired people by telling them to be themselves. With the way she treats her fans and how she has been honest with them, especially about hard times she has gone through like her eating disorder, I admire that about her.

She may be the positive things I said above, but I know she is complex like any other person and she is not entirely bad just because she has done offensive things, and she’s not entirely good just because she has inspired people and made them happy.

I think you can be this total maniac onstage and act like a complete idiot, but also be really respectful, really positive and smart. You don’t have to be just one thing. – Kesha to Seventeen magazine.

If it is natural for someone to be inappropriate, that is one thing, but it’s different if they’re like Kesha, drinking blood from a heart on stage or peeing in the street and taking a photo and putting it on the internet for shock value. I don’t like outlandishness and forced unrefined behaviour for the sake of attention because it’s ridiculous.

I think Kesha is also respectful and positive. I would think she is self-aware but she is ignorant. She has said some ableist and transphobic things, and appropriated cultures and not apologised for any of this. I don’t think any of these things come from a hateful place, which is why I don’t think Kesha is an ableist, transphobic or racist person. Some people think that if you dislike Kesha then it’s because you’re sexist or you don’t “get” her, but, even if Kesha were a man, I would think the things she does are inappropriate and offensive (like describing herself as “rapey” or appropriating cultures or using slurs to describe transgender people).

With her music, I’m not into her popular songs because I don’t like the sound of her autotuned voice or the repetitiveness. I know it’s for dancing to so it doesn’t need to be some meaningful existentialist song, so I understand why it is the way it is. I am aware her music is not all one way and can be nice to listen to.

Whether you like her or not, she is deserving of respect because she is only human. She has made mistakes but so have you, and so have I. I think there is one thing you must understand (even if you agree or disagree in the end) about Kesha to get why she does anything that she does: She is unapologetically herself.

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